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Kunstpreis Worpswede 2017

The Worpswede Art Award 2017 addresses a theme that affects all mobility providers and societies worldwide. How to make mobility environmentally friendly, efficient, inexpensive – and for providers – such as vehicle manufacturers, nevertheless profitable. Profitability is important to finance necessary research and development activities – and thus innovation.

In the partner countries Sweden and France, the car plays a prominent role in individual transport, just as in Germany – and almost everywhere in the world. It can be assumed that Swedish and French artists have been thinking about the subject of mobility for quite some time and have come up with interesting thoughts and ideas, or will come up with them in the course of this art award competition!

Basic Information

1st Prize, endowed with 10,000 €, 2nd Prize, endowed with 5.000 €, 3rd Prize, endowed with 2.500 €

Submission (up to 3 works) to the Art Association (by download): until May 31st 2017
Announcement of works (approx. 25) selected by the photo jury: 15th July 2017
Download of the delivery forms for nominated works: from 15th July 2017
Delivery of the works selected by the photo jury:
Delivery address: Kunstverein APWD, 29664 Walsrode, Ebbingen 2b
21st to 26th August 2017
Vernissage with award ceremony: in Einbeck
Location: Mobility museum PS.SPEICHER
30th September 2017, 5 pm
Touring exhibition with selected works (including 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prizes) in Hannover, Bremen/Worpswede, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, etc 2017/2018
Fees: for processing / jury: 35,00 € (under 35 years: 0 €) Sales commission: 35%

Kunstverein ART-Projekt Worpswede-Deutschland e.V.

Contact: Albin Homeyer (Chair)
Mail: art@kunstverein-apwd.de

Kunstpreis Worpswede 2016


1. Platz: "Bären-Hochzeit"
Mykola Zhuravel, Kiew
2. Platz: "Demonstration, Flüchtlinge, Freiheit"
Sven Bremer, Berlin
3. Platz: "Dental-Anlage"
Emmanuelle Tanaïs Aupest, Hannover

Werke der für den Kunstpreis 2016
nominierten Künstler und Künstlerinnen

Impressionen von der Verleihung des Kunstpreises Worpswede 2016 am 23. September im Hotel Adlon-Kempinski in Berlin


Prof. Timm Ulrichs
Stefan Lang
Hargen Depelmann
Robert Hettich