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Kunstpreisverleihung am 28.9.2019

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Art Prize Worpswede 2019

There are very few things that can cast a spell on us in such a quick and unique way, that can fill us with happiness (or grief) - and have as much impact on interpersonal as music.

It shapes us from birth, touches us deeply and can drive us to peak performance. Music can relieve pain, awaken memories, overcome mental barriers and enable communication. Where does the irresistible pull that some harmonies have on us come from? Music, it turns out, acts on all levels of the brain, it has direct access to the emotions.

The power of music helps to communicate in a nonverbally intensive way in a predominantly language and mind. Dance, movement, gestures, facial expressions can help to make communication diverse and unique.

The theme MUSIC | POWER | COMMIUNICATION in its breadth, offers the artists involved in the Art Prize Worpswede 2019 (www.kunstpreis-worpswede.de) a maximum of design possibilities, so that as in the years 2016 (VIOLENCE | POWER | RULER), 2017 (CAR | POWER | MOBILITY), 2018 (MONEY | POWER | FUTURE) outstanding works of art are to be expected as the visible results of this thematic art competition.

» Download the Art Prize application on this website!

The Art Prize Worpswede (www.kunstpreis-worpswede.de) is a project of the DER SPIEKER-Baustil e.V. (www.der-spieker.de)